The Mad Hatter

It seems I’ve fallen in love with hats. I’ve purchased several over the last few months. Big ones, small ones, straw ones, leather ones and even a couple of tams. Anything that catches my eye and pulls at my inner Diva. I find myself trying them on and standing in the mirror admiring my curly tendrils sprouting from beneath. I often smile inwardly because I love them all and most were purchased because they made me feel a bit of nostalgia. My lavender tam always summons memories of my beautiful Grandmother, Carrie. She had an array of tams in several colors that crowned her head and made her look regal. My chocolate Kangol instantly conjures images of my father and his undeniable swag.  And my floppy brim, I purchased to pay homage to my beloved Zora Neal Hurtson. I feel feisty when I put it on and inspired to write something saucy and revolutionary.

I’ve been wearing hats all my life….figuratively that is. I use to complain about being overwhelmed and weighed down by the responsibility of being so many things to so many people. By all intents and purposes, I am the heroic version of “The Mad Hatter” and I often feel like I am lost in WOnderLaNd.  I am a daughter to one, sister to two, Auntie to one and friend to many. I am an entrepreneur, an educator, an author, an event planner, a blogger, a public speaker and a Best Life influencer. I am all these things and more….much more. As much as I want to amp up the harp strings and cue the sad music, I won’t. I am beginning to fancy a new hat to compliment my new Life.  It’s a church going hat with a neat little bow to the side. When I slip it on I instantly think about the goodness of God and all that He has blessed me with. I smile to myself in spite of  my woes because I know, “To whom much is given, much is required.”  God has plans for me, Top Hat plans.









The Truth About Lisa

I am a procrastinator… Now that’s the Truth if there is none other. I have been talking about this blog for 60 Days and I chose last night to start working on the content. I’ve been up all night and today is MY BIRTHDAY! But I was determined to stick to my guns and do what I said I was going to do. That was my promise to myself and I refused to waiver. Any who!


Today is not only my Birthday, but the day I chose to give birth to my blog “Unapologectically Lisa”. It all started 2 months ago with my 60 Days of Truth Campaign. Each day, on my Facebook page I revealed a Truth about who I am, my struggles, my triumphs, and my weight loss journey. It was liberating and exhausting. I LOVED IT!

If you missed it here’s a little about me….

My name is Lisa. I am 44 years old today. I am a business owner/educator/published author by day and a YouTube surfing, Blog Loving, and Fashionista Wanna Be by night. I am a Book Loving, Barnes and Nobles lounging, Spoken Word Enthusiast, Arts and Theater junkie who is addicted to Reality T.V.

I am all these things and then some. More than anything, I am a survivor. What makes me unique is my journey and my story. Everyone has a story to tell. I want to use mine to heal and motivate others. I turned my life around  one decision, one day, one pound and one determined step at a time. I plan to spend the rest of my life…. Living. Standing freely in my Truth. Aware of who I am, accepting who I am not and Embracing all that I can Be. This is My Life, My Style, My Weigh… Unapologetically Lisa, that’s me.

Please make yourself at home each tab opens a door to a part of my journey. Click and enjoy.

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I want to dedicate this space to the little girl that is standing in the Shadows holding on to her Dreams afraid to Fly. I know that girl, SheezMee and once upon time her wings were Broken. They are healed now. She is ready to take off and Soar.