Excuse Me…Not

Excuses-2A Life Filled with Excuses is a Life Full of Disappointments…

I haven’t written or blogged in months. Which is quite troubling to me because I was so motivated when I got started in January. I did my promotions leading up to my launch. I hired a photographer and took fashion pics. I posted about three or four posts and then lost my momentum. Soon after that the excuses started. I was too busy. I didn’t know what to write about. I hadn’t discovered my niche. I had yet to truly define my voice…. yadi-yadi-ya. Excuse after excuse, after excuse.

That’s been my niche and my voice for far too long. I have a million excuses as to why I don’t finish, why I fail to follow through or why I give up before I reach my goals. It seems to be the story of my life and I know I am not the only one. Some of us have been telling ourselves this story for years. Chapter upon chapter of reasons why we haven’t lost the weight, gotten the degree, started the business or achieved our Dreams. Excuses rather than Actions, Procrastination rather than Progress and Regrets rather than Results.

At the end of the day, it’s all a bunch of BullShit and it reeks of disappointment and self-doubt. It’s a never ending pity party that everyone is tired of attending. “My mama didn’t love me enough. I got teased because I was fat. My boyfriend cheated on me. My business fell through. I lost my house… blah, blah, blah.” Who freaking cares?!! Somewhere out there, someone has it worst, has been through just as much and has lost more. Guess what? They survived. They bounced back  and more importantly they CHANGED their story.

I’m an author. I weave words to craft stories. Stories that awaken imaginations. Tales that inspire Happily Ever Afters. There’s NO EXCUSE for my own story not having a Happy Ending. So here goes, NO MORE EXCUSES!

Allow Me to Re-Introduce myself. My name is…

I love the blogging community. I am naturally drawn to the plus size fashion bloggers and the body positive movement they lead. But I don’t want to tell women what they should or should not wear and I have no desire to show them how to DRESS. I would much rather Empower women and inspire others to adDRESS their issues like I did.

My “TRUTH” is my niche and my “JOURNEY” is my Voice. My willingness to be completely transparent is what draws people to me. I enjoy sharing my story. I want to use it to inspire others. I want to encourage anyWOMAN that will listen to get off their asses and stop dreaming… Yes STOP dreaming and LIVE. Do away with the EXCUSES and chase the hell out of your dreams. UNAPOLOGETICALLY Excuse yourself from the hurt of your PAST, the obligations of your PRESENT and the fear of your FUTURE. You’ve finally reached the part of the story where you have to step aside and EXCUSE yourSelf. Tell you to MOVE, Get out the Way! You’ve been holding me back long enough.




To Thy Own Selfie Be True

It seems like just yesterday that the mere presence of a camera would have me running for the hills. I refused to pose for pictures, let alone take any of myself. And the thought of anyone posting pictures of me on any type of Social Media site would send me into a cussing frenzy. How dare you give the world proof of my state of being. I was Morbidly Obese, therefore I had to remain an invisible enigma. Standing in the shadows….out of SITE.

Oh but I had a DREAM….

I remember spending hours perusing the blogs of my favorite Blogger Baes. The Natural Fashionista, Marie Denee, Ms. Grown and Curvy and Chasity Garner were all Blogger Goddesses to me. I adored the images that adorned their pages. They seemed so confident, so sure of themselves. I wanted to be a part of their Plus Size Revolution. I wanted to Live and Thrive in their community. But in my eyes my size alone would keep them from rolling out the WELCOME mat on my behalf.  And despite the countless number of Supersized Bloggers that boldly flaunted their size confidence, I felt I wasn’t good enough. So I weighted. I weighted until I felt I was picture perfect. I weighted until I was confident in my SELFie.



Knock, Knock…. I’s HERE!

Blogger Life and the Social Media Scene are all about capturing the Perfect Picture. A Sensational Selfie is all a sista needs to be LIKED. The right pose at just the right angle can stop a person in mid scroll and have them tapping away to show you Insta Love. I for one have been swept away by the trappings and thrills that come along with having a picture LIKED by complete strangers. BUT do all those little thumbs and hearts come at a cost? Have we lost our sense of Self in the pursuit of the perfect Selfie?

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE a good selfie, I really do. I’ve been late for events standing in the mirror snapping picture after picture. Smile, no smile, head tilted, shoulders back and stomach held in….all in an effort to capture a pic worthy of posting. Which is all fine and dandy within reason, especially if it leads people to my blog. I will Unapologetically abide by the rules and pay dues in the community I want to live in. What I will not do is compromise the contents of my HOME or my character to FIT in. What is IN my heart is far more important to me than the number of hearts on my Instagram posts. A picture may be worth a thousand words but a strong sense of SELF is priceless.

If you are a part of my Facebook family you know that I have recently started a Selfie Challenge. Being the perfectionist that I am, I want to work on taking a better picture. I love the arts and photography; so I would love to be able to capture pictures and moments that are visually stimulating. BUT I also want to Influence my Rubees to capture the beauty that lies within. The beauty that will truly elevate you to a higher level of understanding and loving yourSELF. So YES I do SELFies. I AM a Self-Educated, Self-Employed woman who has the Self-Confidence needed to know her Self-Worth. I am nothing without a full sense of SELF. Self-Love, Self-Respect, Self-Confidence, Self-Awareness…

Until you find yourSELF and embrace the parts of your inner being that really matter, you will be lost and broken and there is no amount of LIKES that can fix that.



To thy own SELFie be TRUE, Rubees!