The Truth About Lisa

I am a procrastinator… Now that’s the Truth if there is none other. I have been talking about this blog for 60 Days and I chose last night to start working on the content. I’ve been up all night and today is MY BIRTHDAY! But I was determined to stick to my guns and do what I said I was going to do. That was my promise to myself and I refused to waiver. Any who!


Today is not only my Birthday, but the day I chose to give birth to my blog “Unapologectically Lisa”. It all started 2 months ago with my 60 Days of Truth Campaign. Each day, on my Facebook page I revealed a Truth about who I am, my struggles, my triumphs, and my weight loss journey. It was liberating and exhausting. I LOVED IT!

If you missed it here’s a little about me….

My name is Lisa. I am 44 years old today. I am a business owner/educator/published author by day and a YouTube surfing, Blog Loving, and Fashionista Wanna Be by night. I am a Book Loving, Barnes and Nobles lounging, Spoken Word Enthusiast, Arts and Theater junkie who is addicted to Reality T.V.

I am all these things and then some. More than anything, I am a survivor. What makes me unique is my journey and my story. Everyone has a story to tell. I want to use mine to heal and motivate others. I turned my life around ¬†one decision, one day, one pound and one determined step at a time. I plan to spend the rest of my life…. Living. Standing freely in my Truth. Aware of who I am, accepting who I am not and Embracing all that I can Be. This is My Life, My Style, My Weigh… Unapologetically Lisa, that’s me.

Please make yourself at home each tab opens a door to a part of my journey. Click and enjoy.

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I want to dedicate this space to the little girl that is standing in the Shadows holding on to her Dreams afraid to Fly. I know that girl, SheezMee and once upon time her wings were Broken. They are healed now. She is ready to take off and Soar.