A Statement Peace….

Since I launched my blog I’ve had several people question the name, Unapologetically Lisa. “What made you name it that?” they quiz. “What is that all about?” others pry giving a little side eye shade. First and foremost this is my Space in the Internet Universe to do as I please. Never once have I accepted an invitation to someone’s house and been so rude as to question the décor. It’s just not proper etiquette!

That being said, Unapologetically Lisa was born during my rebirth. Once I made the decision to take charge of my LIFE and LIVE, I had to make some hard choices. The hardest choice was putting Lisa first. I had to learn to say NO to stressful situations and people that were draining me of all of ME! And I had to do so without Apologies. Amazingly, I lost some friends and gained some frenemies. It seems a lot of people were okay with me NOT LIVING. They were comfortable with me being Morbidly Obese and DEAD!

I was available to EVERYBODY! It seems I was the Dream Keeper, living vicariously through others. Helping them plan their lives and bring their Dreams to fruition. I was fully vested in their Happiness, expecting the same in return once I found mine. So you can only imagine my surprise and despair when I got just the opposite. WTF! Are you kidding me? The more I started living the more some of my relationships started to die. I mean some of my “So Called” Ride or Dies were flat out upset with me because I was no longer readily available. Wow!

In the beginning I felt bad. I mean for three or four years these were my peoples…. Literally people that rallied around me and supported me in my Fatcation from life. Then one day like a subtle breeze the Truth blew in. They weren’t there for me, they were there for themselves. Girl they WUZ using Me!!! I can joke about it now, but back then I was heartbroken. These were the people I thought would be there to Celebrate the New Me with Me. They didn’t even LIKE the New Me! LOL!!!

Anyway once the initial shock wore off, I developed what one of my Good, Good Girlfriends refers to as the “F Them” mentality. I decided to Unapologetically choose me, over and over again. I WILL NOT APOLOGIZE for living my life instead of watching you live yours. I WILL NOT APOLOGIZE for chasing my Dreams instead of yours and I WILL NOT APOLOGIZE for choosing to no longer WEIGHT to LIVE.

I have Fashioned my life around decisions that best Fit me. I Accessorize my day with just the right No’s and Yes’s to make my outfit complete. I only invite people in that compliment my overall Look. Unapologetically Lisa is my Statement of Peace. The peace I speak into my Life and over my Life everyday. I will not Apologize for seeking a Life that is Tailored to Suit me.

Unapologetically Lisa….SheezMee


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