How Do You Stay Grounded, When You’re Destined to FLY?!

         I still marvel at how much my life has changed over the past 18 months. I don’t take for granted that God’s hand has been all over my life. He has opened doors that were once closed. He has restored my health and guided me down a path towards Happiness. He has given me wings and allowed me to fly to new heights. He has elevated me and I am on the rise.

IMG_2001A Change in Altitude Requires a Change in Attitude

As my life evolves, so does my attitude. I have been known to over react. I easily get bent out of shape when things get bumpy. I am the passenger on the plane that is hyperventilating and running up and down the aisle, screaming “We’re ALL Gonna DIE!”  Out of Control and Out of Order over NOTHING!

 Turbulence is inevitable. In fact it’s a sign of you CHANGING altitudes. I have learned to CALM my behind down…. no wait, let’s be honest. I am learning to CALM my behind down.

Yes, I still feel OVERWHELMED most of the time with all that is now required but I welcome the responsibilities that come along with RISING to new HEIGHTS. EVERY step up moves me closer to my DESTINY.  In my journey towards becoming centered and grounded, I am always looking for ways to MANAGE ME! Here are some things I am currently working towards integrating into my Daily RoutineIMG_1978

5 Easy Ways to Stay Grounded When You’re Overwhelmed

  1. Start your day with YOU: How you start your morning is a sure indicator as to how your day is going to go. Take 10 to 15 minutes to center yourself. Meditate, Make a quick Journal entry…. a nice cup of hot tea. Whatever it takes to calm you and turn your focus inwardly.
  2. A Healthy Mind is connected to a Healthy Body: Take steps towards fueling your body with GOOD foods. Incorporate high protein meals instead of sugary foods that cause PEAKS and PLUNGES. Exercise is an Excellent Stress reliever. Slap on your gym shoes, plug in those ear bugs and take a quick walk around the parking lot during your Break. You may shed a few pounds while letting go of Mental Weight.
  3. Enjoy the Ride: Use your time in the car to Relax and Decompress. Some light music, a good Podcast or just quiet time with your thoughts is often the BEGINNING of the END of a hard day. The work day should end when you walk out the door. Stop thinking about it, Talking about it and stressing over it. You have already dedicated 9+ hours to it. Let it go and Breath!
  4. A Good Circle of Friends….. Surround yourself with people that support you, encourage you and know you. A strong Support System is imperative to success. Friends and loved ones that know you well enough to know when you’re overwhelmed and not yourself. People that can talk you in off the ledge…
  5. Night, Night! Cut off the television, turn down the ringer on your phone, get in the bed and go to sleep. Pretend you are your parents and give yourself a BEDTIME. A well rested mind and body are more productive. When you are tired LIFE is overwhelming, every little shake feels like an earthquake. Proper rest allows your body the opportunity to REBOOT.

Life is going to keep coming at you from every direction; especially when God is Elevating you and Expanding your territory. Brace yourself for the Turbulence, Relax and lean back for the Incline. And by all means grab a window seat and ENJOY the view. You’re going NEW PLACES! 


Unapologetically Successful…..Unapologetically Lisa