Land of the Free, Home of the Not-So Brave

I used to envy Carefreepeople that said they were “People Free”. You know the ones that are so quick to proclaim that they could care less what other people think. I secretly wished I was brave enough to throw all caution and care to the wind and do whatever I wanted, whenever and wherever the urge hit me. What a wonderful Life that must be!

As I sit here this 4th Day of July, watching the amateur fireworks show the neighborhood children are putting on, the thought hit me. I know very few people, perhaps none at all, that are truly Brave enough to be totally Free. Everyone cares how others perceive them. Otherwise we’d all be walking around nappy headed, smelly and grungy, cussing and  acting a fool when the mood hit us.  No, most of us are not that Brave, not at all.  20160705_002902

On the contrary, most of us are in bondage to one thing or the other. We’re obligated to our jobs and businesses. We’re committed to our families and relationships and we’re convicted by our values and personal moral standards. The way we dress, the way we speak and how we conduct ourselves is based upon the way we want others to receive us. We care about the impressions we leave behind and the imprint our presence lends to a situation. We Care… we all do.

I’m finding that Bloggers care more than most.  In a community saturated with beautiful people, the Plus Size Blogger world is perhaps the most judgmental, image conscious industry of them all. The constant quest to take the perfect picture of the perfect outfit and launch the perfect post seems relentlessly daunting. Only to watch your Likes increase…. If that’s not bondage I don’t know what is. These are the same girls however that go on YouTube and rant about how they don’t care what people think. Girl Bye…. You are consumed by what people think.

So the next time someone starts proclaiming their Independence and telling you how you need to join them on the Freedom Trail, give them a good once over. More than likely they’re rocking one or more pieces of designer clothing, driving a nice care, living in their gated community, on the way to their good job with benefits. They care….They care a lot more than they are willing to say.

Truth is we all care; too bad we’re not Brave or Free enough to admit it. But the goal is not to be so FREE that we stop caring but rather FREE enough to not allow the opinions of others to dictate our lives or determine our self esteem.

Proclaim your Independence & Be Bold, Be Brave, Be You…. Unapologetically.





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  1. Just found your blog via Marcy at PMM and noticed that you are not blogging lately. Please come back!! I just enjoyed the last two posts you wrote and Girl you have a niche. You spin words so darn good and I’m sure many would love to read more. . .

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