TCFStyle Expo 2018

Ignite ~ Engage ~ Empower

When you hear the words “Style Expo”,  you automatically think Fashion. And for the most part, The TCF Style Expo is just that. Two days of plus size fashion, workshops and runway shows to embrace women and their curves. A weekend of fun and laughter celebrating women of substance and women with purpose, women like me. Unapologetically Big, Beautiful, Bold women like me. Bloggers, models, brands and everyday women with at least one common thread, a love of all things FASHION gather together to Network and Glow. 

That being said, this year’s TCF Style Expo was so much more than Fashion for me. Several times during the weekend, surrounded by women who shared many of the same Hopes, Dreams and Desires that I hold in my heart, I felt enamored with myself and the possibilities of ME. In the days that followed, once I was home and settled; I was able to reflect and truly appreciate the event for what it was. I took time to take in the experience as a whole and ask myself the questions of Why I felt the need to be included in “This Tribe Called Plus”.

Why was I there? What value did I gain from the experience and more importantly what was my contribution to the community?

The answers come in waves. Aha! Moments that lend clarity and direction to a woman standing at a fork in the road, ready to make decisions and move forward.

The Mastermind Class was the Spark that IGNITED the fire in me that is still blazing today. Unapologetically Lisa, my blog and my baby that I’ve neglected for far too long, NEEDS my attention. Either, I’m going to nurture it or let it go. Give it LIFE or let it DIE.

The introduction of the Mastermind Class was ingenious and a welcomed addition to the TCF weekend. Marie’s, “Hey Girl Hey”, playfulness that we’ve all grown to love was replaced by Ms. Leggette’s seriousness and MBA that we’ve all learned to respect. I met women that were serious about the Business of Blogging. Women that were open and anxious to SHARE the struggles and triumphs of their journey to becoming successful Bloggers and Media Influencers.

Thus, allowing me to ENGAGE. I interacted and ENGAGED with women I would not normally be drawn to. I opened myself to the possibility that there were bonds to be formulated and collaborations to be explored outside the circumference of my “Sista Circle”.  My conviction that Successful women promote and encourage Success in other women was solidified. 

Which leads me down the road of truly acknowledging my niche and owning my purpose within the Blogging community.

I am not a Fashion Blogger.

Don’t get me wrong. I love pretty clothes and the allure of capturing the perfect picture, but these things are not the core of who I AM and therefore I find it difficult to be consistent. I blog for a while, do a few Instagram post and then slowly lose momentum. Why?


Instead I want to create a platform with content that EMPOWERS others to Live their Best Lives. I want to tell the story of my journey from a disempowered woman afraid to FLY, to the very determined, EMPOWERED woman I am today. A woman ready to BE herself and live her TRUTH ,Unapologetically.

Who would have thought a Style Expo would influence such an awakening. I wonder if the woman behind the brand knows the depth of her REACH. That her influence has exceeded the pretty faces and fashion of the plus size community. That she is a curator of Confidence and an Inspiration to many.

I believe The TCF Style Expo is evolving and Marie Denee Leggette is transcending beyond the boundaries of the Plus Size Community. I’m anxious to see what tricks Ms. Marie has up her sleeve for Twenty Nineteen. Only 350 PLUS days to go! 








  1. Beautiful post, Lisa! It was a beautiful weekend and as always it was a pleasure to connect with my beautiful friends. Marie did an amazing job! I’m glad you experienced your “AHA” moment. I can’t wait to connect with you again! Love you!

    • Thanks Love Bug. Our late night/early morning chats in the hotel were a great part of my awakening. You, my dear are an Inspiration and I absolutely love what The Low Country Socialite brings to the table.
      I love you More! So Blessed to have you and Kay as friends.

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